In latin chosen means electus. If you go to Electus Academy that is exactly what you are. Teenagers from around the world come here to study the arts of magic. Each student here is givin gifts by the gods, the compedition is is insane, the rewards are gre
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 Superpower Manipulation

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PostSubject: Superpower Manipulation   Superpower Manipulation I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 07, 2009 11:24 pm

superpower manipulation
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The ability to bestow, counteract or stimulate abilities of the gifted can be highly useful in a team setting. An individual with such an ability would be valuable in any training setting.

Power Mimicry
Used properly, being able to absorb the abilities of others can make a individual extremely powerful.

Power Cancellation
While being able to cancel out another's abilities does not necessarily grant one real power, it can come in handy for subduing those who misuse their power.

Power Sensing
Some individuals are able to determine what, if any, unusual abilities another person may have. This may be a form of telepathy or something else altogether.
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Superpower Manipulation
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