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 Lili's House of Signatures!

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Maria Marsius

Maria Marsius

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Lili's House of Signatures! Empty
PostSubject: Lili's House of Signatures!   Lili's House of Signatures! I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 09, 2010 1:00 pm

Hello Everybody! My Name is Lili and these are my graphics!


[b]Name:[/b] {Your Name}
[b]Character Name:[/b] {kind of self explanatory}
[b]What You Want:[/b](Signature, Avatar, or Set)
[b]Celebrity:[/b] {Who Your Play-by is, if you have one}
[b]Colors:[/b] {If you want a solid background, or many colors}
[b]Text:[/b] {What you want on the graphics}
[b]Text Color:[/b] {If you want any specific colors}
[b]Anything Else:[/b] {Just say so!}

Here is some of my previous tries at graphics!
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Lili's House of Signatures!
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