In latin chosen means electus. If you go to Electus Academy that is exactly what you are. Teenagers from around the world come here to study the arts of magic. Each student here is givin gifts by the gods, the compedition is is insane, the rewards are gre
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 Ames Steffon Lire

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Ames Lire

Ames Lire

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PostSubject: Ames Steffon Lire   Wed Dec 23, 2009 1:17 am

AMES steffon LIRE

ill-bred, candid, rowdy

Full Name: Ames Steffon Lire
Significance of Name: N/A
Nickname(s):Amy (he will kill you if you call him that)
Age: 15
Gender: male
Orientation: strait
Grade: 3rd year
Celeb you're using: Robert Pattinson

Physical Appearance: Brown hari, slightly curly (only some days), glowing green eyes, pale skin. Amazing paragraph right?

Personality Description: At least 1- 3 nice detailed paragraphs. In paragraph form OR :

- Leather Jackets
- Los Angeles, USA
- Music (mostly rap and rock)
- Girls who like them for them and don't care about being popular
- Being independant
- Reading
- Singing
- Girly-Girls
- Gangs
- Jerks
- Wall crawling
- Not getting beaten up
- Forgiving nature
- Fending for himself
- Survival instints
- His temper
- His lack of trust in others
- His hate of certain types of people
- Strong-willed women
- Quick annoyance
Fears: His father finding him at Electus and making him return.
Goal:Getting his own life (and a girlfriend).

Power/Ability: Wall crawling

Origin: Los Angeles, USA
History: Ames was born to Elizabeth May Howard on March 15. Elezabeth died three weeks after birth. Ames was left in the care of his drunk "rock-star" father Keith Lire. To make a long story short Keith was never really must of a rock star. Most of Ames's childhood was made of traveling around the USA watching his father try to make a living. From this Ames learned the rules of the road and to fight for himself. From so many escapes he found his strange talent of climbing walls highly useful. It was beond anything he could imagine coming to Electus. When he got the invite he lef without his father ever knowing where he went.

*Skips* I'm Suzannah Oz

Your name: Anything
Age: Teen
How long have you been RPing? IDK
Where/How did you find us? Potters Army
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Ithica Jones
Ithica Jones

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PostSubject: Re: Ames Steffon Lire   Wed Dec 23, 2009 1:34 am

Exepted and given wall climbing.
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Ames Steffon Lire
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