In latin chosen means electus. If you go to Electus Academy that is exactly what you are. Teenagers from around the world come here to study the arts of magic. Each student here is givin gifts by the gods, the compedition is is insane, the rewards are gre
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 Keagen Jerome Walmer

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Keagen Walmer

Keagen Walmer

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PostSubject: Keagen Jerome Walmer   Keagen Jerome Walmer I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 22, 2009 4:56 pm


Keagen Jerome Walmer Tn2_ry10Keagen Jerome Walmer Ryan_r10Keagen Jerome Walmer Ryan-r10
Outgoing, Strong Willed, Mature.

Keagen Jerome Walmer Backto10

Full Name: Keagen Jerome Walmer
Nickname(s): KJ, Keag, Kevin.
Age: 15
Orientation: Striaight
Grade:1st year
Celeb you're using: Ryan Reynolds

Keagen Jerome Walmer Strike10

Physical Appearance: Keagan stands awfully tall amongst other people and often looks very casual to what others may expect. He always wears a T-shirt, jeans, shorts, jackets, sneakers, you name it. He often disobeys dress codes in order to look normal. His hair stands on the verge of hitting messy, his eyes a dark brown that often shines in light, and his skin is tan since he is out on the run often.

Keagen Jerome Walmer Gettok10

- Duels
- Mischief
- Danger
- Human things
- Mythology
- Studying
- Liars
- Paranormal things
- Know-it-alls
- Paranoids
- Running
- Swimming
- Time Stopping
- Running on water
- Marathons
- Slowing down
- Listening
- Anger
- Irritation
- Hurting others
Fears: Dying while time has stopped
Goal: To travel the world in under a second.
Power/Ability: Space-time manipulation

Keagen Jerome Walmer Welcom10

[size=11]Origin: Moline, Illinois [ b]
[b]History: When Keagen was a child, he had always experienced certain disabilities about him. It had never affected him physically or mentally, yet it affected him spirtually. He had always done everything flawlessy in school, yet he had never put heart into anything. As he progressed through his lifetime, he had started to go faster and faster in abilities and began expericening more and more emotion. It was at one point, he could move and be seen in a different place in a split second. He would often get lost because of his ability and whenever he was questioned about it, he just said everyone stopped moving.[/i]

Keagen Jerome Walmer Rolepl10

Keagen walked through the hallways of the school scanning people as he went along. It was a difficult process to do as do to his ability, he walked faster than all the other kids. Yet it was pure irony. he could stop time. Yet he was always faster than the average man or woman. It often made him sad since he would occainsionally talk fast too. As he continued on his path, he tripped into someone since he was focused on his thoughts. "Sorry," Keagen said sincerly yet the other kid gave him a snide look. Keagen exchanged the look and then continued along. Yet he decided to be mean this one time. He stopped time and the quickly went back towards that kid. He punched him hard in the back and then ran back in the direction he was going. Ah this kind of traveling may have disadvantages yet at the same time, it was good.

Keagen Jerome Walmer Behind10

Your name: AJ
Age: 14 you real age (not yet tween, tween, teen, adult, etc.)
How long have you been RPing?: 3 years
Where/How did you find us?: Briana
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Ithica Jones
Ithica Jones

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PostSubject: Re: Keagen Jerome Walmer   Keagen Jerome Walmer I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 22, 2009 11:41 pm

Exepted and given Space-time manipulation. Please note that if you create any more characters to put the application in the "creating your character" section.
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Keagen Jerome Walmer
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