In latin chosen means electus. If you go to Electus Academy that is exactly what you are. Teenagers from around the world come here to study the arts of magic. Each student here is givin gifts by the gods, the compedition is is insane, the rewards are gre
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 Shapeshifting Index

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PostSubject: Shapeshifting Index   Shapeshifting Index I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 05, 2009 11:09 pm

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Ability to change appearance or body structure

Animal Morphing
Ability to take on animal forms. May be able to take on the abilities of the altered form

Ability to alter the DNA structure and personal body functions of oneself and/or others. One with this ability can shapeshift to change one’s skin color, size, weight or appearance (or even to shift from the appearance of one species to another).

Ability to stretch, deform, expand or contract one's body into any form they can imagine.

Genetic Manipulation
Ability to change into any person/gender. Worth for disguising.

Ability to transform completely into an inorganic substance while retaining organic properties.

Ability to turn partially or completely into a liquid.

Size Shifting
Ability to increase or decrease one's size.

Ability to transform into a gaseous, mist, or fog-like form

Ability to morph something into something else.

Ability to transform into substance touched
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Shapeshifting Index
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